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Gold Foil Prints

I love gold! And I’m sure you do to! Here is how I created my latest range of limited edition gold foil prints.

Firstly, I lay awake for 2 nights thinking of quotes that would be suitable for my project. There were dozens written in my bedside notebook (if you don’t have a bedside notebook yet, get one! All my best ideas seem to come at night when I’m already in bed)

After choosing 6, I started planning the typography I wanted to use for each individual quote. I sketched my revised lettering with correct spacing and size.

blog prints blessed

Then I went over the pencil lettering with black drawing ink and a thin paintbrush. This is so much harder than I thought with the paintbrush I used. (Next time I might just cheat and use a koki and a black fine liner…haha)

InstagramCapture_08d8bafe-9433-466f-9412-5c1c88736c90 (2)

Once I had my 6 finished ink drawings, I scanned them in and used Coraldraw “Power trace” to transform the letters into editable clip art. Here I was able to edit out the small mistakes, straighten things out and add some extra words. (the ones I just couldn’t get right with the ink)

The edited, print ready quotes went straight to my printers, who then through a beautiful process, turn my simple words into shiny, glorious wisdom.

blog prints miracles


I made some in gold, some in rose gold and a couple in simple black. I put them in simple frames so as not to distract from the gold.

InstagramCapture_2ce33978-14f6-48a9-8b70-6e772f1d1a61 (2)


and Voila!! And these are just a couple of my new range of foil prints, ready to be launched at Kamers Johannesburg at St Johns College in Houghton happening 20-24 April 2016. So make sure you get your tickets asap! Shop tickets online through the Kamers Website! Yay!

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